Super Simple Affiliate Offer for Brain Games Hub Puzzle Pack Subscriptions – NO Costs Ever

Super Simple Affiliate Offer for Brain Games Hub Puzzle Pack Subscription – NO Costs to You… Ever

1. Introduction 

Welcome to the Brain Games Hub Affiliate Program! We are excited to offer you a straightforward affiliate opportunity to earn a 50 percent royalty for each new subscriber you refer to our Puzzle Pack Subscription service. Joining our program is easy, and you don’t need to worry about hosting or managing any complex systems.

2. How it Works

2.1 Sign Up:
To become an affiliate, simply fill out our quick and easy sign-up form. Upon approval, you will receive a unique promo code that you can share with your audience. That promo code entitles you to 50 percent LIFETIME commissions from each of your active subscribers. Every month, earn royalties from your active subscribers.

2.2 Share the Promo Code:
Share your unique promo code with your audience through your blog, social media, email newsletters, or any other channels you prefer, including using our own family-safe Puzzle Pack ads we supply to you free. Your audience can use this code during the subscription process to claim a special offer and enshrine you as the affiliate.

2.3 Offer Details:
Your promo code will give new subscribers an exclusive, double-sized puzzle bonus pack, further influencing them to join using your promo code.

2.4 Track Your Earnings:
We will provide you with a dashboard where you can track your referrals and earnings. For each successful referral using your promo code, you will earn a 50 percent royalty.

3. Payout and Management

3.1 Payout:
Once your earnings reach a minimum of $100, you can request a payout via your preferred payment method (PayPal, bank transfer, or other options). Payouts will be processed within 30 days of your request.

3.2 No Hosting, game support or Management Needed:
As our affiliate, you don’t need to host any tracking systems or manage complex affiliate links. We handle all tracking and conversions through the promo code you provide. WE offer complete product support through support@braingameshub.com

4. Terms and Conditions

4.1 Compliant Promotion:
Please ensure that all promotional activities comply with our Terms of Use and are ethical and legal. Spammy or deceptive promotion will result in immediate termination from the affiliate program.

4.2 Non-Stackable Offers:
The promo code cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

4.3 No Self-Referrals:
Affiliates are not eligible for royalties on their own subscriptions.

4.4 Right to Modify:
Brain Games Hub reserves the right to modify or terminate the affiliate program at any time. We will notify affiliates of any significant changes to the program.

5. Join Our Affiliate Program

We look forward to partnering with you to spread the joy of Brain Games Hub’s Puzzle Pack Subscription service. Join our super simple affiliate program today and start earning 50 percent commissions every month for each new subscriber you bring in!

Thank you for being part of the Brain Games Hub Affiliate Program!

Contact us

For inquiries or assistance with the affiliate program, please contact us at support@braingameshub.com. 

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